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Back from Texas April 23, 2008

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Silas and I had a wonderful time in Texas! I have so much to write and as usual, little time. This week is quite full with meetings, errands, laundry and ball games. Oh, and a concert! That is right, I am going to a concert this week to see Bon Jovi and Daughtry. It should be lots of fun. But I could not let another day go by without a small recap of our trip! So here are the highlights (and maybe some lowlights!) from our 5 days away.

* Our flight was delayed an hour! Keeping an 18 month old entertained for a 2 hour plane ride and one hour check in process is hard enough, add an extra hour and I think they just might have been testing my sanity! Silas did great and even fell asleep on landing!
* It was wonderful to see Christy and her daughter Olivia waiting on us in the baggage claim area. Tears filled my eyes when I saw them. They are two of the most precious people in my life!
* I can’t forget to tell you that while we were outside, Silas managed to get inside and lock the door! Thankfully, Christy’s husband, Brian, was able to get in through a window!
*Christy and I went out for dessert and coffee one night while the children were in bed. It was so fun to learn more about each other. I walked away from that night encouraged, challenged and renewed.
*I had the chance to visit her church. They are a start up church and it was fun to see the foundation and community they are building there. The message was great (and being that it was live was quite a difference!) and I walked away with some questions for my heart! I also realized that I loved my church even more and I could not wait to go back!
*I had the opportunity to interact with the entire family. Brian is an amazing man and I am thankful the Lord brought him into Christy’s life. He is really the best person for her and it was great to visit with all of them.

As I said, this week is busy but I will be back on and writing often….when I can!


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