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As you read this April 17, 2008

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I am either on a plane bound for Texas or I am in Texas already! Silas and I left our house early this morning for this trip. I am so excited. Silas has no clue what is going on, of course. We are going to visit my best friend, Christy. Christy and I met when we were five years old. We lived 2 houses apart. She moved to Arkansas after our freshman year and then to Texas about 3 years ago. I am still amazed that our friendship withstood time. Christy was a huge part of my coming to Christ. I grew up in a Christian house and went to church weekly, but there was something huge about having my friend encourage me to have a relationship with Christ. She would always call me out on my behavior that was not Christ like. At the time, I had to tell you, I hated it. But looking back, it is what kept me out of a lot of trouble, too. Her family was my second family and to this day, I still think of them as that.
I will still have some posts up (thanks to post timestamps!) and I will be back next week…with tons of stories I am sure!


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