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Eye opening April 16, 2008

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A couple nights ago, I had the privilege of attending a new members class for our church campus. I say privilege, because since we were members of the main campus, we have not attended this class. It was amazing to me to hear from these men and women about how Crosspoint has changed things in their lives. A simple postcard or even a call prompted them to walk in the doors of a school and give this church a chance. Then, they sit in this living room and make a decision to join the church.
I shared with Jenni that night, that sometimes I get numb to the impact Crosspoint, or any church, has on people because I am right in the middle of it. I think I am used to having Sundays where I feel challenged and spiritually fed and I forget that there are people who either aren’t going to church or who are and still don’t walk away feeling encouraged. It was almost like a new fire was lit in my heart that night. I realized that people don’t just need church, they need something that speaks to them. They don’t need a pastor who is perfect, they need a pastor who is willing to be honest. It was wonderful to share just a few moments of their week with them.


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