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Observing HIS Body April 14, 2008

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Yesterday was amazing! Actually, this weekend has been pretty good. We spent about 4 hours at the ballpark Saturday watching both Isaiah and Joel play t-ball. Then my parents took the boys for the night and Heath and I went out together. We had a great time just talking and eating as just us. It is rare we have time without the boys so we try to enjoy it.

This morning I got up as usual for church (minus three little guys). As I walked in the doors I noticed new people there setting up. While I don’t see everyone all the time, it was a great reminder of how it takes so many people to make a church in a school come together. I also had the opportunity to get into service today. Since taking the interim position at church, I had not had a chance to hear the new series, Plan B. I am telling you, this morning was awesome! I plan to write more this week because it is early and we still have to get to school….and I really want to share what I learned.

After church, we were tearing down as normal. As I carried things outside, I noticed there was a light rain. However, as I walked further outside, I realized it was a rain and sleet mix. And there are a group of guys standing in that mix packing up all the things from inside. And you know what, they were smiling! I am always amazed at this group of men who give up a portion of their day to pack up everything. Today, they did it in cold and rain and were smiling. It is just a great example to me of how we all have different strengths. I left today thankful for a body of believers that uses their strengths to be the body of Christ.

More tomorrow….or maybe today!


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