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How far I have come April 10, 2008

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Tonight we are staying home! It is our first night home since Saturday night. I have thought about if I had to say that statement 10 years ago, it would have sounded something like “I have not been home since Saturday night last month”. Time has truly changed me. I think back 10 years ago and the thought of staying home was repulsive to me. Now, the idea of staying home is a gift. Somehow I have learned the value of down time. Recently, I have started thinking back to who I was as a person 10 years ago. I certainly never saw myself as a mom of three and married for almost 8 years! However, I also never saw how my heart would change. I was much more exclusive back then. I was in my own little circle and I was carefree and careless. I cared mostly about me, my feelings and my desires. If you got hurt or run over in the process, that was too bad. As I have thought about that time in my life, I have realized I was simply not living out the love of Christ. The fact is, I am still pretty set on my goals. I tend to be focused but I do it much more compassionately. I think the reason I was exclusive with friends came from insecurities and the lack of trust. The fact is, I still feel insecure most days and it is hard for me to branch out and trust people with my life. However, I am making more of an effort to let people into my life, share my life with them. I also remember that God has given me strengths (and thankfully allows me to have weaknesses) and I can operate with those strengths in confidence. Do you ever think back about how you have changed? 


2 Responses to “How far I have come”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Are you kidding me all the time! So many things have changed but some have stayed the same. Never would I have imagined being married and having 2 children by the time I was 26. My dreams and goals are so different from what they were 6-10 yrs. ago. Christ has changed me and my heart. So much of what you have said reflect me and my life.

    I am so glad you are back to blogging. I have missed u.I enjoy reading your thoughts and christian views of daily life. They have helped teach me ways to become a better christian.

  2. Pete Wilson Says:

    Glad to see that God is working in you and through you. That “down time” is so important!

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