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Lest you think I am perfect February 21, 2008

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Sometimes I wonder who reads this blog. The reason I wonder is simple…because I wonder if they know I am not perfect. I am so far from perfect. I normally choose to highlight my more great moments rather than my errors. I read this a few days back at Rocks in My Dryer. It has stuck with me for some time now. I think about how often I compare myself to people around me. It might be that they are a better speaker, better house keepers, better (well you can fill in the blank). The article reminded me that every blog I read is a glimpse into the life of someone…not the actual perfect life of someone.

With that said, I thought I would tell you some of the not so perfect things that happened in my house this week.

I burned the macaroni…oh yes I did. Did you know you could burn noodles? Well, let me tell you not only is it possible but it will take several Febreeze Candles to git rid of the smell! I had put the noodles on the stove and walked away. I got distracted with laundry, dirty diapers and screaming boys. And when I say distracted I mean totally forgot I even put them in pan and turned the stove on! Thankfully, burnt noodles come out relatively easy once they cool!

I opened the car door….and proceeded to open it directly into my eye. Well, my eyebrow to be exact! I cried like I have never cried before, probably since labor! The heat rushed to it so quickly that I thought I would have a black eye right then. How in the world was I going to walk Joel into school with a black eye? Try to imagine the looks I would get!

Adding to the craziness was that schools were closed for snow, illness and holiday for 4 days! I thought my sanity might just take a vacation by the end of Monday! However, trying to find the joy in everything I came up with the following:

1. I learned I need to ALWAYS set the timer…or just not leave the kitchen. Period. I also learned that burned macaroni can wash out of my pot very well.
2. I am thankful that I don’t have a black eye…and I am totally surprised by this. I bruise easier than a tomato. But for some reason I just have a sore brow that hurts when I laugh, smile, blink do anything. But there is no black eye!
3. I learned that summer does not intimidate me as much as it did a few months back. Having the children here 6 days with no school taught me how to engage in new ways with them. I also learned that my sanity really will stick around when things get loud and stressful!


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