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Eight years later… February 14, 2008

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Eight years ago, I had one of the best flower arrangements delivered to my office. It was one dozen sterling silver roses. The card simply said ‘8 more months’.

Heath and I were engaged on October 31st (yes, Halloween) of 1999. We did not marry until October 14, 2000. Beginning November 14th (and continuing through every month), Heath would send me a single rose. The color varied but the message on the inside was counting down the months until our wedding day. It became so common place that all the women in my office knew when the florist walked in the door that the rose he held was for me.

However, that Valentines day I received a dozen roses. Sterling Silver are my favorite rose and to get 12 was a treat. My father always sent me a rose for Valentine’s Day (and spoiled as I am, he still sends one every year). However, I had never received a dozen before…I had never even received one sterling silver before. I am not sure I truly realized that this thing called marriage would transform me so much. I surely didn’t know that the guy I met on a plane would still love me years later. I could not imagine that those roses were counting down to the single most memorable day in my life.

Those roses represented far more than I could comprehend at that time…probably more that Heath could as well. The next months were filled with excitement, nervousness and a rose thrown in ever few weeks. Now the months are still filled with excitement and nervousness…but it is one of the best feelings in the world. The roses are gone but the memory of my husband counting down the days until we said our vows will remain with me forever.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


One Response to “Eight years later…”

  1. Ratna Says:

    What a lovely story! The link to this appeared on my blog automatically. I was going to ignore it, but I am sure glad that I did not! Here is a link to my post, on which your link appeared.


    Thought you might like it.


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