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My 100 things February 12, 2008

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Whoohoo – I can’t believe this is my 100th post. So, in honor of that huge number I figured I should do something special….albeit not original! So, here are 100 random (and not so random) things about me. Hope you enjoy them!

1 I was born on my due date – none of my kids were!
2 I have one sister and one brother, both younger
3 My mom has taught me more than she can know
4 My father is one of my heroes
5 So in my husband, Heath
6 Heath and I met on a plane, bound for the Dominican Republic.
7 We were engaged after 3 months
8 It took us another year to get married!
9 Heath and I have been married for 7 years
10 We have three boys
11 We found out we were pregnant with our first son 2 weeks after our 1st anniversary
12 We weren’t going to try for kids until we had been married for 5 years
13 Our first two boys are 19 months apart
14 We were done with children after the second one
15 We went on a cruise to Bermuda for our 5 year anniversary
16 I was sick as a dog on that cruise
17 Two weeks after the cruise we found out why I was so sick – I was pregnant
18 My first child was a natural drug free birth
19 I was terrified of a needle in my back
20 It was great, I didn’t feel contractions too much
21 My second child was a natural drug free birth
22 I was screaming for the baby to get out or for drugs…which ever would happen quickest
23 He came quicker than drugs
24 My third child came by c-section
25 The needle didn’t seem too scary after the last birth experience
26 I am a stay at home mom
27 I said I would never be a stay at home mom
28 I also said I would not have kids for a long time, too
29 I do believe God has a sense of humor
30 I have had some type of job since I was 15
31 Before college I was a babysitter, worked in inventory, managed accounting for a small business, waitress and salad prep cook
31 I went to college
32 It wasn’t for me, so I went and got a job
33 I wanted to be a president of a business
34 I started out as a sales rep at a travel company
35 I was the office manager when I left the company to stay home with the boys
36 Staying at home is way harder than working in a office
37 But I laugh more than I ever did before
38 I still think I will go back and work in the future
39 When I get the paper, I always read the business section first
40 Then anything related to entertainment
41 I still keep in constant contact with my best friend who I met when I was 5
42 She is still my best friend
43 I was homeschooled
44 I don’t homeschool my kids, at least not yet
45 I love to sing
46 I used to want to be on Broadway
47 Growing up I hated the color pink and would never allow it, or anything close to it in my wardrobe
48 Red and purple were too close to it, too
49 Now being the lone woman in the house, I love pink. It is one of my favorite colors
50 I don’t like to read
51 But when I do find a good book, I will read it several times
52 I love movies
53 Just not sappy romantic epic ones
54 I like action movies the best
55 The ending of the movie will make or break the entire film for me
56 I like movies that have me thinking for days about the plots
57 I attend a fabulous church
58 It has helped me grow so much in my walk with Christ
59 Some of my closest friendships have come from that church
60 I am the strong one for my friends
61 I am the weak one with my siblings
62 My sister often needs to talk me through traumatic situations
63 I was born and bred in the South
64 So was my husband
65 He constantly reminds me I was born in the South, not the North
66 Like when I talk fast, not because I am nervous, I just talk fast
67 My grandfather sometimes looks and me and tells me to breathe
68 I don’t eat cornbread, grits or gizzards
69 I never had sweet tea, brewed with sugar, until I met my husband
70 I always had unsweet tea with sweet n low
71 Now I like sweet tea and make it every day
72 But when at a restaurant, I still order unsweet tea
73 My mother in law made my wedding cake
74 She makes some of the best cakes ever
75 She is taking time to teach me!
76 I love decorating cakes
77 I took dance for a few years in high school
78 I took jazz, ballet and tap…I didn’t like any of them
79 I was on my high school’s dance team and loved that
80 I love music…and every kind too
81 I am quite entertained with reality shows…at least a couple
82 I will watch every new episode of Top Chef and Project Runway
83 I also like American Idol – once the audition process is finished
84 I recently discovered The Apprentice, I love the business side of that show
85 I have had only one broken bone but I have way more scars
86 Growing up I was a tomboy, not so much now
87 I love to scrapbook
88 Unfortunately the boys books are getting further and further behind
89 I have several nick names…beyond all the ways you can say mommy
90 My father in law calls me Fern – like from Charlottes Web
91 It used to bother me but know I can’t imagine him calling me anything else
91 My grandmother calls me her social secretary because I plan all the events for our family
92 I just like having all the details in place a few weeks before the event
93 Most moms think I am a laid back mom, I’m sure my kids don’t think so!
94 I hate using public restrooms….ever.
95 If I do have to use a public restroom, I will find a Lowes. They have clean ones…maybe because not many ladies go there
96 I don’t cry often but when I do, it can last for days
97 I like to laugh but I do not think I am a funny person
98 I startle easy…so much so that my kids think it is funny to try to get me to scream
99 I have a four inch scar on the back of each of my ankles from surgeries
100 And I just learned that I can play spades and not have my heart stop when my partner goes into the hand low and blind!

Wow – I am sure the list is so random…it took me two weeks of thinking to come up with that list! Hope your enjoyed it!


7 Responses to “My 100 things”

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  2. Carmen Says:

    Nice. Maybe I’ll get around to doing this one day!

  3. mommyzabs Says:

    Congrats on 100 POSTS!!! YAY 🙂

  4. LOVE IT BABE! And you know what I love most…that your BFF knew just about every one of those facts! 🙂 I LOVE YOU

  5. Pete Wilson Says:

    Congrats Jenn.100 post is quite the accomplishment.

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