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My new home February 7, 2008

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Do you remember what is was like the first time you went back to the home your grew up in after being on your own for a little bit? For me, it was after I got married. I went back to my parent’s house and I felt comfortable, safe and understood…and at the same time I knew it was not my home. While I knew I could come anytime, I loved my new home, new independence, basically I loved my new life. I was grateful for that house but it no longer provided my foundation.

I experienced this anew today. I had the opportunity to go the main campus of our church for a meeting today. I was excited to go as it had been some time since I saw these people I was meeting with and I was looking forward to catching up with them. I walked in those doors and I knew where everything was. I knew where the meeting would be, I knew what the next hour would entail and I was comfortable. I was able to visit with some friends and catch up for a few minutes.

But you know what? I knew it wasn’t my home anymore…and it felt great! We say that our church is ‘one church with two locations’. I have said it many times but today I got to feel it. I got to feel ‘home’ I knew for five years. I loved it there…but I equally am falling in love with the new campus. I love learning to navigate the new hallways, dive into new community and serve with some incredible people!

For some time now I have felt torn between the two campuses but today it felt different. Today, it felt like my childhood home. A home I will love, can return to anytime but a home that is in the past. And it feels good to make a new home sweet home now.


3 Responses to “My new home”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    Well Put. It was great to see you today!

  2. brandi Says:

    That makes me want to cry! So sweet, I have said many times how blessed CP Dickson is to have your family. Great seeing you today.

  3. dummling Says:

    Home, goes an old saying, is where the heart is. And it’s true.

    I feel very very comfortable at my parents’ place and love going there..but when I return to my own house, I feel a sense of..mm..how do I say it, a sense of belonging. My mother always said this to me when I was little, that one day I would go away and call another place home. I didn’t understand it then, even defied it, because for me home was with my parents and siblings, but she was right.

    It’s the circle of life.

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