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When you leave your house in the midde of the night… February 6, 2008

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….weather must be bad!

I am writing this post later in the day because we are pretty sleep deprived around here. Last night bad weather, including tornadoes, consumed our night. Honestly, we watched the weather yesterday morning and knew there was a chance for bad weather…but a tornado in January? Yes, in fact tornadoes!

Around 730pm, my father in law called and asked if we wanted to come to his house. They have a basement and he thought it would be safer. I told him the kids were already asleep and we thought we would be fine.

At 830pm we changed our minds. We quickly called my father in law and told him we were coming down. We could see we were just ahead of the bad weather but it was coming straight for us. As we quickly loaded three sleepy boys into the van, we heard the tornado sirens that are located a few miles from our house.

Can I tell you that panic set in at that moment? I would love to tell you my first thought was to pray for God’s protection but all I could think about was which child I could get to first in that van if I saw a tornado. We arrived at my in laws a few minutes later and got all the children back to sleep and watched the TV. The first storm passed and we were ok but there was a second storm coming.

We went to bed and with our trusty emergency radio that we grabbed, we were alerted to the second system. I spent the first few hours of my night creating and recreating ways I was getting the boys from their beds to the basement.

I watched the news this morning with tear filled eyes as I saw places that were destroyed. I have family in Jackson, TN where Union University was severely damaged. It is estimated they lost 1/3 of their campus in that storm. My family is safe thankfully, but they can see damage all around them.

I saw a quote on a commercial the other day that said this: ‘there is no better protection than a mother’. I thought it was perfect, until last night. Somewhere in the midst of my 50th escape plan, I realized I was not trusting God. God knew what that night would hold for me. Yes, he does give me common sense enough to know when to get to the basement but He also offers His peace as well. Once I finally let go of my fears and let his peace envelope me, I found sleep and rest. We are all fine and our houses are not damaged at all. I am so thankful for God’s protection during a very scary night. Hard time to learn that lesson but I hope I remember it….at least for a while!


3 Responses to “When you leave your house in the midde of the night…”

  1. Jenn Hesse Says:

    Glad you’re okay! We’re safe in Fairview, too. It was a little scary here, but even scarier when we learned afterwards that a tornado touched down just 3 miles from here. We’re praising God for protection!

  2. sansoucy Says:

    I hope you are okay. I was just shocked after seeing the news tonight, I can’t believe these storms and tornado’s keep coming! I feel a little scared knowing that these could be a labor pains God talks about. . .I so much want to see my boys grow up. Take care of yourself and your family and keep safe. My prayers are with you up there

  3. jodi Says:

    A girl from our church is a student at Union. She had a frightening story to tell about what happened in her dorm room. Thank God she is safe! Glad you are too!!

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