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Where are my hands and feet? February 5, 2008

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I wrote yesterday about how I spent my weekend and one of the things I noticed was how much I missed church. I missed worship and the message but I also really missed the serving that happens on a Sunday morning.

At the beginning of the year, I felt challenged to define my passions. I am the kind of person that says yes to several things. Then I try to strike a balance between all my commitments. Sometime I gracefully dance through every one of them but other days I fail miserably. I read this post the other day and it really resonated with me as I was dealing with the exact same things.

I am very passionate about being the hands and feet of Christ. That broad passion takes me in so many areas. The thought that someone will walk through the doors at church or into our small group and never feel compassion and see hope in my eyes hurts my heart. I have delivered meals, sent notes, called people, led groups, traveled on mission trips and prayed with people. All of those things are great I’m sure, but I have been thinking more about Christ. He didn’t do things just to be noticed. He did them out of love, out of, I believe, the knowledge that everything has a ripple effect.

Sometimes I think we miss the ripple effect when we serve. We get so caught up in people having the ability to say thank you to us that we miss the opportunities to do some of the thankless jobs, sometimes the things that start the ripple. The guy who sets up the microphones so that someone can lead worship or deliver a message is no less important than the worship leader or even the pastor. The person who cleans the toys in the children’s classroom is no less important than the teacher who shares a Bible story. The people who set up chairs, clean bathrooms, set aside time to pray for the church or make the coffee are no less important that the people who open the doors, deliver meals or answer questions.

With that knowledge, I keep coming back to my passion. If I want to be the hands and feet of Christ, what does that look like in my life right now? A the core, I want to be moved by compassion. I want whatever I invest my energy in to be done with integrity and more about the people I am around rather than the accolades I might receive.


One Response to “Where are my hands and feet?”

  1. sansoucy Says:

    Girl I love your blog! I too am a twenty-something mother to three boys too, so I sympathize and share 🙂

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