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My weekend…. February 4, 2008

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I lost 7 lbs in two days.

Now that the above statement sunk in, let me tell you it was not on purpose. In fact, it was a stomach bug of some sort. It took me down all day Saturday and most of Sunday. Today I am still quite weak but I am trying to get back to normal.
While I must admit I dream of days I can sleep in late and have my husband take care of the boys, this was extreme. During the last 24 hours, here is what I have come to learn:

*My husband is the greatest dad in the world. He was away from the house early Saturday morning at our land. When he heard I was sick, he was ready to come right home. He actually kept the older boys with him at the land all day so the house would be quiet. He took care of the boys, cleaned dishes and managed to get them all to church. He even made sure they had food to eat (more than just Frito’s and donuts)!
*My mother in law knows just when I need help! She volunteered to take one of the kids all day Saturday. She took Silas not just during the day but kept him overnight.
*We have some of the best friends in the world. We had to cancel with some friends that were going to come over Saturday night. They understood and are already looking at the calendar for another night to come over
*I really miss church. With all the transitions of the new campus, I forget how much I just love worshiping and listening to our pastor’s message.
*My kids are wonderful – on Saturday night they came to my door and said goodnight…never complaining that they did not get a hug or kiss. Isaiah even made me a craft in his class at church to help me feel better

It is easy to get all upset about being in the bed for two days…especially when I think of what I missed and what I still need to do. However, I am grateful for the blessings I could see that sometimes I miss out on.


5 Responses to “My weekend….”

  1. Way to find joy in the suffering! I’m proud of you dear!

  2. Pete Wilson Says:

    For the record…we miss you too. However, I am so proud of the work you guys are doing in Dickson. Your making a difference.

  3. Jenn Hesse Says:

    Ouch! That’s a drastic way to get some time alone! 🙂 Glad you’re on the mend.

  4. sansoucy Says:

    Wow girl, I feel for you. . .but I will gladly shed those pounds FOR you if you have a problem with them 🙂

  5. jodi Says:

    I had a similar virus last year. Lost 6 pounds in 8 hours! I’ll never forget how weak I was even the next day and how my family came together for me. I can’t imagine what I would have done without them.

    And the best part? I was able to keep off the weight! Ha Ha!!

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