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Works for me – emergency radio January 30, 2008

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I am not sure how predictable the weather is where you live but here, predictable it is not. One day you can walk out in short sleeves and feel comfortable and the next day there could be ice on the roads!

Last night is a good example of this as winds picked up and instead of rain or ice damage, there was wind damage all across the county. As I type this my hubby is at someones house from our church cutting up wood with his chainsaw.

I am not a fan of storms, or bad weather of any kind. I try to keep up to date with what is happening but let’s face it, with three boys it is difficult to actually hear what they are saying on the TV. Add to that we have satellite and when it goes out, so does my news.

Until now.


My husband got one of these for Christmas and I love it. It stays in our kitchen. It is plugged in always but it the power goes out we can hand crank it to make it work. The best part is that is has an emergency signal that comes on automatically if the weather is too severe. Well, it is a close first with the best part being I can listen to the radio or TV while cooking dinner on it!

Works for me! Check out what works for everyone else over at Shannon’s!


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