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Check out these blogs January 29, 2008

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    I love mission trips. They totally take me out of my comfort zone but I love them. I even met my husband on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I have had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic twice, Mexico once and several places within the US. It is always so humbling to go on these trips. While I have seen some of the most impoverished places, I have seen those same people rejoice in the life Christ has given them.

Compassion International has an upcoming trip to Africa. They are taking some bloggers with them to do a live blog while there. How awesome will it be for everyone to read the blogs of these writers as they travel around Africa.

I encourage you to check out Shannon and Sophie’s blogs. Make sure to read the list of prayer requests from Shannon here. Since they will be live blogging, we will get to read in real time about their trip.

I know they would appreciate any prayers and encouragement as they travel this new journey!


2 Responses to “Check out these blogs”

  1. jodi Says:

    I am going on my first mission trip in June to Honduras. I have so many questions! It will be great to check out how these ladies are doing and what they are experiencing. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    I met my girlfriend on Compassion’s sponsor tour to Kenya last February. It was totally unexpected, as I assume meeting your husband was.

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