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Learning yet again January 28, 2008

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the launch of the new campus of our church. I haven’t written an update for several reasons…most of them all selfish. For some time I have been trying to digest all the emotions that have come with this launch and more times than not I find it revolves around the ‘all about me’ mentality. You see, I used to walk in to sign in my children for Sunday school and never have to tell them my name. This last week, I had to tell my name, then correct the lady who not only spelled my last name wrong but put down the wrong first name, too. I wanted to cry. Not because she messed up the name…I am used the that at restaurants! No, I wanted to cry because I realized that I didn’t know her. She didn’t know me or my kids.Oh – it is totally not her fault! Believe me, there are so many new people walking in those doors I can’t keep track of anyone! The tears I held back were a mixture of sadness for what I was still leaving behind and excitement as I looked at this woman and realized I had a chance to really know her.

The message this last week was about community. I think I so often toss that word around as though it is not important. However, at the core of who I am, I need community. I am not talking about the walk in to church, smile and say hello and then leave community. I am talking about the call you at midnight because I am on the way to the ER community.

Heath and I have had the opportunity to lead a small group study over the last couple months. We have met people who have challenged us and made us laugh. We just have not gotten to where we can cry with them. By that I mean we are still learning to trust. They are still learning to trust. Sometimes it is so easy to get trapped into thinking that my life is complete with the friends I have. Let me tell you, I love my friends but I do think God is calling me to break out of that tiny circle.

I wonder if other people walk through those doors at church and want a friend. I wonder if they are searching people’s eyes for compassion and hope. I am taking steps to forge community with several people now…some in my small group and some that I just see each week. I want to take time to purposely invest in relationships not just smile at someone who I only see once a week. And so begins the journey of giving my trust to God first and allowing Him to direct my path with the relationships in the future!


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