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What it is like to detox January 18, 2008

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I am detoxing this week. Yes, it is true, I have become and addict. Late into the night I have been feeding this addiction. Then during the day I walk like a zombie around the house only doing what has to be done. What’s this addiction you ask.


Yep – that’s it. Hubs and I rarely watch tv or at least not together. I am a huge Project Runway fan (not to mention Top Chef and Dancing with the Stars) but Hubs would rather gag on a wad of fabric than watch the designed form an outfit out of it. He likes Man vs. Wild. I would gag if I had to watch it all…and believe me, I have left the room with a queasy stomach while watching that show before! So watching something together is rare indeed. But for whatever reason the last week or so has been full of movies.

Now, before anyone falls into a fantasy and begins to think we set and watched all the romantic epics, please carefully step out of that dream. In truth, I am not much of a romantic kind of movie person. I do like them, mostly when my sister gives me a copy of one to watch but you won’t find me asking to see one of them. I love things with action, suspense and a little mystery. My top 10 movies are probably what someone would consider ‘guy’ movies.

We watched Shooter which is probably going to go on my top  10 list and kick something else off. It was great with tons of twists. I like it because it is pretty realistic…which is hard to find in an action movie sometimes. Then we watched Live Free or Die Hard. Being that I never saw the Die Hard movies I didn’t know what to expect. It is not very realistic but it was still a good movie. Add to those that we rented 3:10 to Yuma. The first half I saw was good…just a little slow. I had to go to bed and Hubs finished it. He said it was a good one. To further our crazy week of movie watching, we watched the three night mini series of Comanche Moon. It is the prequel to Lonesome Dove. I love Lonesome Dove. It is a fabulous story of friendship, love and adventure. Comanche Moon did not disappoint at all!

You see, instead of blogging, I am sleep walking most of the time! However, I am returning to normal now. It has been a good week just to sit on the couch with my hubby and stay up late and watch something together. It has been so long since we did that. And it felt so good to know he was right there with me.

Hope your week was full of excitement too and I will see you next week!


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