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Santa does not come to our house December 27, 2007

Filed under: Christmas — fullofboys @ 10:08 pm

After posting this the other day, I thought it might be time to tell you a little about our lack of Santa.

Santa does not visit our house on Christmas morning.

Now, take a deep breath and let it out. I will give you a moment to let that sentence sink in.

I am not kidding. Long before we had kids my hubby and I had a talk about Santa. Would we do the Santa thing, how long would it last. After much thought, my hubby decided we would not do Santa in our house. The reason for us is this:If we tell our children to believe in something they can’t see and then one day tell them we lied, what would they think when we told them about Christ?

My kids know who Santa is, we have never hid the idea of Santa. We just have never said that he was real. This year to our surprise our 5 year old told us Santa wasn’t real. When we asked why, he replied that reindeer don’t fly, in a tone that meant we should have obviously already known that knowledge.

While we personally don’t do Santa, we don’t look down on those that do. It was our choice how to handle Christmas and we are doing what we feel is best for us. Others do what is best for them. At the end of the day, I want my kids to remember the story of Christ, his birth and the eternal gift He gave us rather than a man in a red suit that brought a couple toys.


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