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Works for Me Wednesday October 31, 2007

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Maybe you have children who eat incredibly well and you don’t have to worry about said children getting their requirement of fruits and vegetables. If that is you, you might not need this post. Me? I have one that eats like a human garbage can and two that struggle to put anything that is not covered in chocolate or salt in their mouths. Fruit seems to be a hard one for me with them. I also fall into the trap of prepackaged fruit snacks all the time for their lunchs. While they do say each serving has 100% vitamin C, it is also packed with sugar! A friend recently reminded me about fruit leather when I saw her daughter (about 18 months) eating it. I have always loved fruit leather but I never thought of giving it to my children. Check out Stretch Island Fruit Company for details about flavors (you can even order it on their site). They have tons of flavors and the best part is that is is natural and is 1/2 serving of fruit. I tried it on the kids this week and they love it! If you can’t find it at your store right away, be sure to check the organic section. That is where I found ours. Hey, it works for me!


One Response to “Works for Me Wednesday”

  1. Christy Says:

    Awesome aren’t they?!

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