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Who doesn’t love a little pink? September 25, 2007

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     I have said before that pink is a rarity in my house. Living with all boys I see mostly blue, black, brown and of course, camo! Trying to stay the woman in the house has recently put me on the hunt for pink items. I quickly will pass up a blue shirt now for a pink one. When I looked at buying a small charge vacuum, I thought about ordering it online – becuase there I could get a pink one! Pink some how evokes this woman inside.

Can you imagine my glee when I saw that 5 minutes for mom was having a drawing for a new Pink Dyson Vacuum. I must admit that I have wanted one of those Dyson vaccums for so long now. But seeing how I am a little daunted by housework, it seems silly to spend so much on a vacuum. Oh, but how a nice pink one would be! I just wonder if it will make we want to vacuum more?

Check out 5 Minutes for Mom for the contest. There are already tons of entries, but hey, someone has to win!


One Response to “Who doesn’t love a little pink?”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Will it make you want to vacuum a little more? Yes, of course it will; they look so cool, don’t they. Oh, and they suck up just about everything that moves, probably little boys if you’re not careful.

    Actually, you’d find the main effect of the Dyson would be to make your boys want to take over the vacuuming anyway.

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