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Thankful Thursday: Friends September 20, 2007

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It is Thursday again and this week I decided to focus on some of my amazing friends!

Christy – This last week she went home (8 hours away from her house) to visit her family. Even though we live in separate states we will talk a couple times a week. She called me on Monday to chat. I was so blessed by that call. She took time from her family to talk to me for a little bit. It was a wonderful conversation….and of course, made me miss her much more!

Jen – I took Joel and Silas over for a play date to Jen’s yesterday. I simply love Jen – she is so funny, completely carefree and reminds me that drama in my life is a way to be normal! I often forget how to balance friendships but she never lets me feel bad for not getting together with her more often. I am thankful to have found another young mom in her.

Brandi – Brandi and her boys came over last night. Brandi’s husband is leading a guys small group that Heath is part of and we thought it would be fun for all the kids to play together a little bit tonight. Brandi has silently encouraged me to still be the woman in my house and shown me how to support Heath in his desires. Last night was no exception as I got really vulnerable with her about some things. She listened and encouraged me so much. I also have to mention how much she and her hubby really mean to me and Heath. They are wonderful friends that God placed in our lives when we weren’t looking for a friendship like it. I often can’t imagine what our life would look like with out them in it.

Karen – I love babies and Karen had her third little baby this week. He had a quick birth but you could just hear the joy and mother’s pride as I talked to Karen on the phone. I really love how Karen can see God’s hand in her life. She was already sharing about how much she appreciated a nurse that was in the room and how she was thankful that God had placed that nurse there at that time.

Hope you have friends in your life that make you thankful daily! For more Thankful Thursday posts, check out Sting My Heart’s site.


3 Responses to “Thankful Thursday: Friends”

  1. Denise Says:

    May you and your friends always be greatly blessed.

  2. Susanne Says:

    True friends are rich blessings from God!! Thank you for sharing yours with us!! Have a great Thursday!!

  3. Lynn Donovan Says:

    This is a neat and touching post to recognize those who make your life better. Thank you. Blessings. Lynn

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