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Interviews & The Start of Something New September 17, 2007

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Thanks to Sarah over at Ordinary Days for the following interview questions. Do you want to me interviewed? Simple leave some way to contact you in the comments field and I will send you 5 questions. The only things I ask is that you link back here and that you offer to interview other people on your blog. So on with the interview:

1. Who has been the influential person in the past five years of your life? Well, isn’t this the safe answer – I would have to say that Heath really has been that person for me. When I married him (almost 7 years ago) I was a little girl in many ways and so naive to the world. He has caused me to grow in many ways. Through him I have found strength I never knew existed in me, trust I did not know could run so deep and a consistent challenge to be a better person. To top it off, he has made me much more aware of how my faith affects others and has allowed me to really dig into God at my own pace.

2. How much would I have to pay you to come clean my house from top to bottom today? No, but serious what is your least favorite part of cleaning the house? Obviously you have never seen my house! I really don’t like to clean – and Heath can confirm that.  I try my best but at the end of the day I still feel like I live in a toy store. With all the toys off their shelves and carefully covering every inch of the floor! Honestly, I hate the bathrooms. I really hate to clean the hall bath which is the boy’s bathroom too. Of course, it is the bathroom that always needs to be cleaned the most!

3. You get to go back in time (pre marriage and kids) and go on a date with a Hollywood hunk. Who is it, where do you go and would you do the deed? Hmm…this is tough. I guess mostly because it is hard to remember pre marriage and kids and who that guy might be! I would say Matt Damon simple because I love just about every movie he is in. I would think I would want to go to dinner and then to a pre release viewing of one of his movies. And no, there would be no deed done that night at all.

4. Did you have a ‘secret place’ when you were little? Like a fort, treehouse, special place in the back of your closet? When I was younger there was a little fort in the woods near our house that we visited often – mostly without parental approval. As I got older it was my friend Christy’s room that felt more like my secret haven. Even as a teenage I had a secret place – my car. I would be in it often…more often than I think I was home. It was my escape in many ways. I was extremly busy my senior year of high school (classes from high school, a couple college classes, dance classes, working, etc) and it always felt like a relief to be alone in my car.

5. You win a storefront on Rodea Drive and one million dollars start up money. What kind of business would you own? I would open a boy’s clothing shop with a cake bakery inside. I dress my boys like…well…boys. Cargo jeans at age 6 months and all. I never understand the idea that little boys are to look like girls. Now, if you put your child in a satin trimmed peter pan collar that is your deal. I on the other hand think that if my husband isn’t going to wear it, my boys is not either. I would love to open a store that sold clothes for babies that we a little more rugged, tough…more boyish. I also love to decorate cakes. I would love to do it full time!

So that is the interview…thanks again to Sarah for the questions. If you want to know more – just ask. I just might include it in a future post!

And now on to something a little new:

I jumped into blogging headfirst. With no thought of how deep I would plunge into the cyber abyss. Today, I think I may still be plunging but I am enjoying every minute of it. Blogging is quickly becoming something I look forward to each day. Over the last couple weeks I have taken some time away from writing to focus on other things. And while those are things were enjoyable, I really missed writing…because I know you want to know what is trapped in this head of mine!

To further my quest in the blogging world, I decided to give Technorati a try. If you like this blog, please click on the link to the right to let the good people at Technorati know.


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