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Works for Me: Keeping up with sizes September 12, 2007

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Really, is there anything more frustrating that making the trip to the store to kids socks or other essentials for the family only to come home and they not be the correct size?

I live in a house with three growing boys and one grown hubby. We go through socks, under shirts and underwear often. The problem is that I just have a hard time remembering all those sizes in my brain sometimes. After having to exchange these items so many times it hit me, I just need a list.

My WFMW idea is to place a small piece of paper or card stock (depending on the size of your family) in your laundry room (at least that is where mine is). Write each family members name as well as their sizes and the brand for said items…since we all know a size is not always the same in all brands. This helps me get the same items for by hubby but also allows me to see what to get my kids. If they have outgrown their t-shirts, then I buy the next size up. If they have just ripped holes in their socks, I get the original size.

It makes my trips to the store much more efficient…and when you are a mom of three boys efficiency is necessary.

Check our Shannon’s site for more WFMW tips.


3 Responses to “Works for Me: Keeping up with sizes”

  1. warillever Says:

    Simple, but effective idea

  2. Sasha Says:

    That is a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. juliebavi Says:

    Great idea. New to blogging myself. I’ve been looking for like-minded people. Nice to “meet” you.

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