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Works for Me Wednesday – Brand Loyalty September 5, 2007

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Rocks in My Dryer continues to host the weekly Works for Me Wednesday. This week is about brand loyalty. So I thought about what are the items that we can’t do without in my house? Most of time generics work out great but what are the brands I would choose no matter what? Here is the start of the list I made:

* Velveeta and Shells – no generic here. And even when I have tried to slip it in, Heath notices!

* Community Coffee and Tea – This is not even available here in TN…at least not readily. It is from Mississippi. When we travel to Alabama to visit family we stock up on it, literally. WE have brought back 5 packs of coffee before! They have a dark roast coffee that Heath loves and I just think their DeCaf Tea is the best.

* Conecuh County Sausage – We used to only be able to get this in Alabama (where Connecuh County is located) but recently our Publix began to carry it!

*DiGiorno Pizza – We have tried so many pizzas that this is our favorite…especially when it is on sale!

Purity’s Death By Chocolate Ice Cream – the BEST chocolate ice cream I have ever had.

Coke – and for all your southerners our there, I am not talking about any soda. I am talking about the real thing. Heath and I joke about this often because Coke is a type of drink to me…no pepsi here. Although RC Cola runs a close second here!

Do you have somethings you are loyal to as well? I would love hear about them!


2 Responses to “Works for Me Wednesday – Brand Loyalty”

  1. jodi Says:

    Sorry, we are Pepsi people around here. My husband was born and raised just outside Atlanta (aka: Coke capital of the world) so it took me a while to persuade him otherwise. But 7 yrs later…house full of Pepsi products!

  2. Niquie Says:

    We’re Pepsi people… it comes from living in PA for so long πŸ™‚ We drink coke if tahts allt here is, but we’re pepsi people deep down.

    I’m also loyal to Seattle’s Best coffee, Pace enchilada sauce, Luzianne iced tea, and Edy’s ice cream.

    Hope you are well! I’m proud of your camping excursion… I remember going “camping” with you when we were 16. πŸ™‚

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