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What a night! August 24, 2007

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This week Heath and I went to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet at church. It is a time where the staff serves all the volunteers of the church. Anyone who has ever served in any way is invited. It is always a night full of laughter. Last night was no exception as I laughed out loud several times but I was also amazed to see so many people there who give their time weekly to be the hands and feet of God. Honestly, there were probably close to 150 there and there are so many more people that couldn’t come. It is humbling to see these people give of themselves and to serve alongside them.

Last year they began a ‘volunteer of the year’ award. It is not a specific person but rather a team of people. This year they chose the Wheelwright, KY group. Then they asked Heath to come on stage and accept it on behalf of everyone. We had no clue that they would recognize this group of guys and girls. As we laid in bed last night talking about the evening we talked about the ‘award’. It isn’t an award in our minds…maybe more like an affirmation that we are doing what God wants us to do. And the best part wasn’t getting up on stage or standing at our tables and being recognized. No, the best part was looking around the room at the other people standing and saying ‘we served with them’. We have cultivated new friendships and strengthened others as we took this Wheelwright journey. Heath and I may have been the contact names for Wheelwright but God completely orchestrated it. The men and women that travel there are by far some of the best people I have met. They approach a run down small area in Kentucky with compassion and never once give out judgement but rather continue to show God’s love to these people and show them how to fine hope in the future.

Last night was wonderful…and very humbling. I never want to get to a place where I need to be affirmed by people but I do appreciate God’s ability to give confirmation through others. As I told someone earlier last week, I don’t need a banquet to get me serving, it is just what I feel called to do.


2 Responses to “What a night!”

  1. […] the last post it said it was password protected! All is well now you you can read the latest post here. […]

  2. Debi Jones Says:

    Just want you to know that Greg and I both enjoy serving with you on the Wheelwright team. Thank you for inspiring us!

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