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Another great blog August 13, 2007

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I approached each ultrasound in my pregnancy with great anticipation. The idea that I would be able to give my baby a name and begin to prepare for a nursery gave me great excitement and joy. Sadly, there are women in other countries who will never to get to savor that joy. They are told that they are only allowed one child. Because of this, they will choose to terminate pregnancies if it is a little girl or simple allow the child to be orphaned simply because the would rather have a boy to carry out the family duties. It sounds harsh, it sounds almost like something that would only happen in a movie. It is real and it is happening in China.

It is heart breaking to me. Being the mom of three boys I know what the pain feels like to not have a little girl in our house. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my boys and I never wish that they weren’t here but I grieve the fact that pink lace dresses and tea parties are not part of our weekly routines. So the thought that a child is ‘put out’ simply because of their gender is sickening.

For some time now, Heath has made me more aware of what we purchase. While we have not completely stayed away from China made products, it is something I look at when I purchase things. And really, one post can’t give you a clear idea of all of our reasons. However, Mommy Zabs has recently created a new blog called Not Made In China. It is wonderfully informative. Whether you are educated in the Chinese cultures or simply curious, it is sure to be a good read. Check it out.



3 Responses to “Another great blog”

  1. mommyzabs Says:

    Thank you for spreading the word. Excellent post! Make sure to put your link in mr. linkey on my site so that you can try and win! 🙂

  2. Howard C Says:

    Check out this new social network site – Nomoremadeinchina.com

    It’s a place for people to share and discuss issues with Chinese-made products.

  3. C.S. Says:

    We have been blessed to watch 7 baby girls grace their way into America, and they really are so blessed! So many people don’t understand why people like myself and my husband boycott Wal Mart (we haven’t stepped in one for nearly 16 months now), but they support China, and in our house we don’t. I find it interesting that no one (i.e.) the media has yet to mention the fact that almost ALL of the recalls have been on things relating to our next generation…hmm perhaps because it would be easier for them to do away with our next generation……

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