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Why I choose to send my child to school August 7, 2007

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I have read so many blogs lately where moms are writing why they chose to home-school their children. I have really enjoyed getting to see their perspectives and reasons. I tell people that sending Isaiah to a public school was a ‘no brainer’ but in truth, it took a lot of thought and prayer on our part. Around here we have 4 options. Those four are to home-school, private school, charter school or public school. The charter school is a school where parent involvement is high and required. While I like the idea of being involved in my son’s school I began to feel that this was not the solution for us. The school seems a little elitist and it there is a lottery drawing to see if your child is accepted. It just didn’t seem like the type of atmosphere I was wanting to put Isaiah in. Private school was actually one of our first choices. When we only had two children we felt this was doable. However, now with three, we have decided that our finances can be better spent than on school. The choice came down to homeschooling or public schooling. Let me tell you I live 2 minutes from the school so distance was not even considered. I drive further to preschool than the elementary. I often tell people that I would not be good as a teacher. While there is a little truth in that, I often use that as my reasoning for public school. It normally ends the conversation right there. I believe Isaiah needs to understand that sometimes people say things or do things that are not pleasing to God but that HE can be an example daily. I want him to know that God has placed a variety of leadership around him. He might not agree with everyone and their views but I want him to know how to be respectful towards each person in leadership. I also think it will help give him perspective that our house is truly his haven from the world. When I look at the future I see how we (Heath and I) might have the opportunity to minister to parents and children that our children meet. Home-school is not ruled out and we might choose that option one day. But this day, it is public school. I also know that we will have to purposely think on this decision with the other boys, too. I am unsure where some people get the belief that one type of schooling is superior to another. I think each child is unique (as well as each family) and therefore they require a thought provoked, prayer led decision.  I don’t feel guilty but I fell confident I am making the best decision for Isaiah and I find peace in that.


7 Responses to “Why I choose to send my child to school”

  1. Jenn Hesse Says:

    Good post. Josh and I both attended public school, so we’re both pretty comfortable that we can help our kids find their way through the secular system. However, I have started considering homeschooling … at least for kindergarten through 3rd grade, but we’ll see. I still have a while to decide b/c Kaden’s only 3. It’s a tough decision, and I’m glad for all the options b/c what is right for one child may not be right for the other, and it may even change depending on the stage they’re in or what your family’s going through. Best of luck to Isaiah! 🙂

  2. I don’t home school either and I have a teaching degree. I so agree with your post! I know my children need the interaction with others of all walks of life and need to learn to deal with each of those people. I have nothing at all against home schooling-I know many that home school- I just know that it’s not the right choice for our family!

    p.s. I’m a momma of two boys!!

  3. jodi Says:

    I like your post and totally agree with what you are saying. I have one more year to decide because Savannah has a late birthday, but so far, the only thing I have peace about is homeschooling. Which is shocking, to say the least! I’m just going to keep praying and see what happens.

  4. TR Says:

    We have homeschooled our 6yo twins (b/g). And unlike some of the other homeschoolers you have read, I agree with you that the education of your children is your responsibility regardless of the way you choose to do it. For some PS works and is best, for others it’s HS. Just as we’ll consider year by year whether HS is the best option, you’ll be doing the same regarding PS. No judgements, no guilt. Peace to all.

  5. Heather Says:

    while i’m homeschooling my son right now i get SO irritated when moms try to tell me that any way of schooling is superior! the fact is, this is what we’re called to do at this moment, and maybe next year it will be public school- who knows? all i know is that i want them to be where I feel God is leading- b/c as long as he’s with them, it really doesn’t matter.
    thanks for the perspective.

    i also can relate to the other post about missing out on the pink- as i have 3 boys too. 🙂 i might “steal” the link about china and post it on my blog at a later date. makes me sad too. i’d welcome one of those little baby girls with open arms.

    i wrote an article about being a mom of boys- if you care to read it- it’s here: http://www.everydaywoman.tv/cof/ewmagazine/mag_may_jun_07/mary_did5.aspx

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Great post! Thanks for visiting my blog – I’m enjoying looking around yours. 🙂

  7. […] be surprised to know…I was homeschooled my junior and senior year of high school. And yes, I still send my children to school. The bonus and incentive for me to agree to homeschooling (something my sister was wanting) was […]

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