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Can your child call? August 3, 2007

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    What a whirlwind week we have had here. It started with a swallow study appointment for Silas (which went great) at 8:30am Monday morning and did not slow since. The boys were real troopers during this week as they were shuffled in and out of stores for last minute school supplies and such. Wednesday afternoon I ended up with an incredibly awful headache. The strangest part was how it just came on me. I literally answered the phone and BAM! a huge pain the the back of my head! It took me down the rest of the night. In that moment I got to thinking, does my child know how to dial 911. It was such an intense headache that is simply scared me. While I hate to think about ‘what ifs?’ I do think it is imperitive to be prepared. As I lay on the couch Isaiah was tending to me bringing me blankets and stuffed dogs to make me feel better. All the while I am thinking about how I have never taught my child what to do in an emergency.

Well, you can believe now that I am feeling better Isaiah and Joel will both be educated  in not only dialing 911 but their daddy too! I hope nothing happens but if it does, I at least know we are prepared.

Any tips on how to teach them? Let me know!


One Response to “Can your child call?”

  1. jodi Says:

    I’ve thought about this before but was hoping you’d get some tips from veteran moms. I did teach Savannah how to press the emergency buttons on our security panel, but that was mainly because she thought it would be fun to play with them one day. (!) And as for Emery, he’s the kind of child that would want to ‘test’ 911, if you know what I mean. 🙂

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