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Works for Me Wednesday – Parenting Edition August 1, 2007

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     Rocks in My Dryer has been hosting a Works For Me Wednesday for some time now. Truthfully I am never sure that what works for me will every work for someone else. But this week I thought I would give it a shot after all, I think I know a *little* something on parenting! Here we go:

I have three guys that are 5 and under. Sometimes I still feel like I am always having a baby in the house. However, I learned a great deal from each child while they were infants. Hope this info helps you all:


When you make the bed, put on a mattress pad and crib sheet then repeat. At 2 in the morning you don’t want to have to rummage around for a new sheet – this way it is already on there and ready for your little one to go back to sleep.

If your child has a bad diaper rash that seems to last for days mix original Desitin with cornstarch and use it as a paste.  Then cover with baby powder. It works wonders!


Keep said Baby powder in hard to reach place so that toddler does not decide to make a ‘storm’ with it and create a white baby powder fresh cloud in the bedroom.

My boys LOVE to dig in the yard. And all was fine until Heath realizing that the had dug holes in the pathway to the woods (also where the grill sits). You don’t want to find the hole when you are carrying a plate of meat to grill. Our solution? Give them a shovel (or two), a wheelbarrow and some rubber mulch. They can ‘dig’ that rubber mulch up and put it in the wheelbarrow and then return it to the pile later (ours is under their swing-set fort). It will keep them entertained for hours!

By far, though, the best thing I can think of is to get them involved. It you are pulling weeds, let them help, if you are out shopping, let them put something in the cart. If you are recycling, let them help break down cardboard. It makes them feel important and teaches them responsibility too.

I’m off to read the other entries on this – I am sure I need some of the advice!


One Response to “Works for Me Wednesday – Parenting Edition”

  1. lookmomlook Says:

    I am laughing at the baby powder bit. There is still baby powder in the nooks and crannies of our coffee table due to a toddler thinking it was “pretty snow” earlier today. I just can’t get it all out of the table’s cracks!

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