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Catastrophes abound July 27, 2007

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Catastrophe (according to Webster): [noun] a sudden widespread disaster

Catastrophe (according to the Garton House): [noun] inevitable events that will occur while school is out and will happen long before 9am

I love summer! I am not a fan of the hot, humid weather but I love the fact that I get 8 weeks with my children. Now, with that said, let me wipe away EVERY misconception that I a ‘super mom’. I am not. I just enjoy summer with the kids…until the last week! Yep, you read that right. We start school in about a week and I am ever so ready to send the kids on their way. And even writing that makes me wonder what kind of mom am I? Honestly, the kind that loves her kids. Yesterday would be a good example of what can happen in our house.

It is early here…too early to let them run outside. I doubt that my teenage neighbor next door wants to be awoken by the sounds of two little boys screaming outside at 7am. So I keep them in and try to entertain them. Eventually entertainment turns into a chasing battle. Isaiah is on the heels of Joel. They run around the coffee table and into the hallway. Before I have time to say ‘someone is going to get hurt’ I hear the hysterical scream of Isaiah. The scream that should mean I am bleeding and about to die come save me but in reality meant I just got hit in the eye with the doorknob. The little details are still a blur but from their jabbering I get that Joel tried to close the door so that Isaiah would not come in the room after him. Apparently Isaiah was at the door and the knob hit him very close to his eye. After calming Isaiah down and moving his hand enough I see a know forming and the eye is swelling. I get the ice pack and put it on his eye only for less than 60 seconds later Isaiah proudly announces that he feels better.

WHAT? How did be go from a blood curdling scream to I feel fine? I guess it is a boy thing.  So Isaiah has a black swollen eye, just in time for school. Joel has a new appreciation of the weapon called a door knob and me? Well, I just have a few days left with my sometimes rowdy, always loud and occasionally catastrophe prone children!


3 Responses to “Catastrophes abound”

  1. HOLLY BLACK Says:

    Hi Jenn! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for writing the latest, because it makes me feel HUMAN! My boys have had constant injuries all summer and I am singing that Staples song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” as I count down the days till school! Call me if you ever want to vent, because I can relate! Holly B.

  2. jodi Says:

    Gosh and I thought my daughter was the only child capable of getting an Oscar with her dramatic performances! Ha!

  3. Believe me when I say it only gets better and the weapons become more sophisticated. My boys are 15, 11 & 8 and their favorite thing to do is shoot at each other with air soft guns. (guns that shoot little plastic bb’s if you’re not familiar yet). I make sure they wear the proper protective safety eye gear and clothing but without fail someone gets smacked on bare skin with a bb and I hear the screams from the yard. The neighbors probably think we’re wacko!

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