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Scrapbooking and Dog Bites July 20, 2007

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     Even as I write that title, I know that those two things should never really be allowed in one sentence or title. Heck, they probably shouldn’t be allowed in one thought process but it pretty much sums up our evening last night.

The evening began with a Creative Memories party. It was so fun to have friends over! Creative Memories is one of my favorite ways to scrapbook and now they do so much more than scrapbooking. If you are looking for a way to store and organize your digital photos with effects like iphoto or picasso, they have a new software for that. It is great and we got to see it in action last night. All seemed well, until 830p.

The boys (Heath and the little guys) were all at Heath’s parents while I had this little party. I guesses that when the phone rang at 830p, it was Heath asking if they could go home. Instead, this conversation insued:

Heath: Hey, call the kids doctor. Joel just got bit in the lip by the Pup (the smaller dog at his parent’s house).

My thoughts: I’m sorry, did he just say dog?! What dog, where, is it still bleeding? Why is he so calm? I can’t hear Joel, why is their no screaming?

Me: Um, OK. Where is the bite? How’s Joel? Is the dog up to date on shots?

Heath: On the lip and no the dog is not up to date. Joel’s fine.

Fine? What does he mean fine? Fine as in he is passed out and not making noises, fine as in it didn’t puncture the skin? Doesn’t he know that there is a huge chasm in the word fine. 

I hang up the phone, I am finally starting to process the conversation. I call the on call answering service, which calls the nurse. I wait 15 minutes. Seriously, why do we have to wait SO long. I am trying to remain calm and distract myself with my friends. I am not a calm person. I freak out with things like this. 15 minutes can feel like an eternity.

The phone rings (finally) and I listen as the nurse asks me question after question. Then it hits me, I am not even with my kid. How do I really know what the bite looks like! Why in the world am I calling? The nurse decides that the on call doctor needs to decide if we have to take him to the ER or just to the office in the morning. At this point it is close to 9p. Would you believe it was 945p when we finally got word from the doctor! Those 45 minutes were ticking by so slowly. We are a good 45 minutes from the children’s hospital so every minute counts for us. I guess the doctor didn’t realize that as she took her sweet time to call back! (this is not our regular doctor, thank goodness).

There was no ER visit last night (although it would not be the first late night run to the ER). I am taking him in this morning where I am guessing they will decide he needs antibiotics. They told us last night that the dog has to quarantined for 10 days. I think it is the saving grace for that dog because if I saw it, I think I would have to put it 6 feet under…an animal just doesn’t mess with my kid.


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