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Little sleep but tons of memories July 18, 2007

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As I wrote before, I went to Wheelwright this last weekend. Well, I guess you would call it the weekend. We left Friday night and got home in the wee hours of Sunday morning. It was SO worth it. Wheelwright is a community that has practically nothing. It was once a thriving coal mining community. They had amenities that other towns could only dream of having. Every miner was paid in merchant dollars. This meant they would go to the merchant store for all their needs. Well when the coal ran out, so did the merchant dollars. They had no way of saving money and not their income was gone. This was 50 – 60 years ago. Fast forward to now and these people are trapped in a cycle and have hardly anything. There are people that live there that know that every year it will rain, the river will flood and their house will flood – at least once. It can be hert breaking. We have started to really get involved with First Fruits Ministry. They have been taking food, school supplies and Christmas gifts up there for several years. Now, thanks to a great group of guys (and girls) from our church, they are doing some construction work! This last trip they put in a bathroom – I mean plumbing and all – in a future storehouse. They were also able to help frame a house and paint a little girl’s future clubhouse. All in less than one day!

Would you believe I forgot my air mattress, pillow and sleeping bag all at home! I guess I am convinced it is because I was trying to get all three boys and their bags to two different houses before I left! And still swap vehicles with my hubby. Thankfully, Jen was on her way and brought me a mattress and sleeping bag. I slept on a mattress that had a leak so by the time I awoke it was pretty much flat! And yet, it was worth it. Knowing we were able to put a smile on people’s faces there was priceless.

The best part of all of it was the memories. My friend Jen rode up to Wheelwright with me and then we were joined by Carrie on our way home. I laughed as we all shared stories and I learned more about them as a person…not just so and so’s mom or wife. I am convinced that serving others is important. I don’t want people in Wheelwright to remember my name or something I brought. I want them to remember that I serve a God who provides for our needs…he just happened to use me that day.




One Response to “Little sleep but tons of memories”

  1. mommyzabs Says:

    It is so sad to go through towns like that. On our recent trip down to savannah, GA we took a wrong turn and went through small town after small town devestated by these types of things 😦 That is really awesome that you were able to be involved with that ministry. Very cool.

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