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Sleep or Shower? July 17, 2007

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Sleep or Shower? This should not be such a hard question, right? I mean everyone needs a shower and the best time the only time to do this is in the morning, before the boys wake up, before the sun wakes up for that matter. And yet at 5am, this is as complex a question as figuring out how to build an atomic bomb. This last weekend I went to Wheelwright, Ky. It was an incredible trip (more tomorrow) but with little sleep and lots of driving. We left the church around 5p and arrived in Wheelwright around 1a (2a their time). We were up by 6a (their time). We worked through the day and left around 630p (their time). I literally pulled into my driveway a few minutes before 2a. Would you believe I purposely set the alarm to go off at 6a on Sunday morning! How crazy is that? Of course, I was up a few minutes later getting ready for church but wow was I tired.

I think I am still trying to catch up with sleep. I love going on these quick trips but I am so glad for a bed (that stays inflated) that I can crawl into and sleep.The battle is there for these next few mornings. Sleep or shower? Do my kids care if my hair is freshly washed as long as I am patient with them? I guess not. Maybe the shower can wait until the evenings this week.


6 Responses to “Sleep or Shower?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    haha on the inflated bed. I personally love sleeping on none inflated beds!

  2. Jenn Says:

    I figured you would like that part of the story. I will remember to bring my own next time!

  3. mommyzabs Says:

    OH I have so been in this place! Especially a lot lately with being sick.

  4. SLEEP! Are you kidding me? That is not even a question. You could take your shower when Heath gets home and just rinse off in the morning – 2 minutes flat. I do that quite often!

  5. Jenn Says:

    Haha – I love the idea of washing off…I will probably do that. The real issue is when Heath isn’t home until after bedtimes. At least in the morning he can be my ears!

  6. […] tons of memories July 18, 2007 Filed under: Wheelwright — Jenn @ 6:08 am As I wrote before, I went to Wheelwright this last weekend. Well, I guess you would call it the weekend. We left […]

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