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My kids are watching what? July 12, 2007

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I am learning more and more that what my kids watch on television affects their attitudes and words. While Joel, my 3 year old, cares more about Diego than anything, Isaiah, my five year old, is interested in shows like *gulp* Man vs. Wild and Deadliest Catch. Yes, you read right. Isaiah would prefer to watch an episode about crab fishing than anything else. He also sees previews for movies like Transformers and wants to see those too. What is a mom to do? Man vs. Wild is actually a great show and Heath always watches it with him. They learn about surviving in the wild. And if you know my hubby, that is his domain. He loves the adventure of the wild. Isaiah has inherited it honestly. But when do you really know a show or movie is age appropriate (or even emotionally appropriate)? I have come across two websites that I think are wonderful at giving you the information a parent needs to make an informed decision.

Common Sense Media is a non-profit site They give in depth reviews on just about every movie and well as TV programs. Another great site is Plugged In Online. Both are free and a great source of info. Hope you can use this as you navigate through all the shows and movies out there!


One Response to “My kids are watching what?”

  1. jodi Says:

    Great links! Thank you! I don’t watch much TV myself, but my hubby watches Deadliest Catch. I have been known to get pulled into sitting there for an hour for that one. It is pretty exciting.

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