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Out of the Mouth’s of Babes July 11, 2007

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Lat Sunday Heath, Isaiah, and Heath’s mom (affectionately called Mumsey) all went to Lowe’s. Their mission was to get some wood to finish our swing set. Two of the pieces were so long that they came out of the truck bed and kept trying to tip out of it. Heath decided to remedy this problem by sitting on the wood, in the back of the truck, while it was moving (it is times like these that it is a good thing I am not around). On the way home Mumsey and Isaiah had the following conversation:

Isaiah: Mumsey, what happens if Daddy falls off the truck?

Mumsey: (thinking and before she can answer)

Isaiah: I guess we would have to find a builder. I mean what can you do with just a builder kid?

Well, at least we know what kind of hero Heath is in Isaiah’s eyes!


One Response to “Out of the Mouth’s of Babes”

  1. Boys….funny, aren’t they?

    I LOVE your new look!

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