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Happy Birthday Isaiah! July 8, 2007

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Isaiah –

Today you turned 5 years old, today marks a new milestone for you. It is so hard to believe that what seems like yesterday has gone away so quickly. You are my joy. I love how you come out with quirky sayings. Soon you will be off to school and adventures into new worlds, both near and far. I want you to know that you were created for this moment – what ever moment that may be. Remember that God has fashioned you for His glory. He created you and has held you in His hands. Enjoy every adventure that is brought before you. Enjoy each step of your journey. Rest in His shadow when you are weary and drink in His peace and strength. May you always find comfort in knowing you are never too far to come back home. I love everything about you. I love how you analyze everything from the complexities of rain to simple things like pizza. I enjoy watching you create artwork with your crayons and paper and love the look of accomplishment when you finish. Your creativity inspires me as you see the most mundane things and turn them into cooking utensils, drums, rocket ships and pick up trucks. Most of all, I love your heart. Your compassion for your brothers is wonderful and challenges me to be more patient and giving. Your desire to give everyone a hug and kiss every time you leave them shows me you understand the meaning of love, be it family or friend. I love that when you are scared at night you want to pray for God to make you brave. I love that when I close you door I can sometimes still hear you praying to God.

Happy Birthday Isaiah, it’s a way good day! I love you!



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