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Multi tasking July 6, 2007

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This hangs in my kitchen (the picture, not the actual apron):


I think it is so appropriate for all moms, don’t you? How many days do I feel like I am doing a dozen different jobs? Thinking about today I have come up with a list of my duties. Today I will be a mom, but not just any mom, a multi-tasking mom who does several jobs through out her day. I plan to wear the hat of a nanny, house cleaner, errand runner, party planner, referee (while in the van going on our errands), meal planner and time manager. Wow – it can be pretty tiring to think of all the little jobs I do through the day. But then I think, if i didn’t do this, who would? I suppose I could hire someone but why? Hopefully my kids will see a mom who does all she can to not make life easy for them but make a full and peaceful life for them. Any maybe they will choose a wife who does the same things for their families.

Have fun wearing your hats today!


One Response to “Multi tasking”

  1. Jean Says:

    Amen sister, that’s why I feel my motto is what it is. It really is a 24/7 job..thats not including my “paid” job.

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