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Diggin’ on Jesus July 5, 2007

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Carmen over at Little Cooks in the Kitchen tagged me to list 5 things I dig about God. Here it goes:

1. I dig that God is not on vacation when problems arise, he doesn’t turn on his voicemail when I call on Him. He doesn’t cancel on me when I need Him most.

2. I dig that he has total and complete patience with me when I bring my questions and serious areas of confusion to Him.

3. I dig that He is surrounding me with Godly women, both you and older, to help mentor me and encourage me to become a better wife, mom and friend

4. I dig that he has entrusted three little boys to me to raise and show His love and character to daily

5. I dig that he loves me imperfect as I am.

I think most everyone I know has been tagged but if not, just post what you dig about God too!


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