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Thankful, thankful June 29, 2007

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If you have been visiting lately, you noticed there have not been any new posts. It isn’t because I have stopped blogging it is because I have been on a mini vacation. The boys and I went to Kentucky for a family reunion and then onto West Virginia to visit my sister. The weekend and week were wonderful! It has made me appreciate so many things. To wrap up my time away, I am creating a list (short and simple) of things I am thankful for. Here we go.

1. My boys – They were such troopers on our trip. They were in the van for over 12 hours on our way home and hardly complained! It made it worth it.

2. My hubby – I missed him SO much while we were away. While we were gone he had our carpets cleaned, something that was needed badly. Tonight he surprised me with an Oreo Mocha Chiller from Baskin Robbins. They taste SO good and it was a nice treat.

3. My sister – She hosted us while we were in West Virginia. She was great with the boys and they love her so much. She spoiled all of us! She is such a great friend and the best aunt ever.

4. My Dad and Mom – Dad sent mom to Pittsburgh on Tuesday so that she could ride home with me on Wednesday. It was so good to have an extra set of hands on that long trip.

5. Tubes! This is a huge praise! Silas know has tubes in his ears! The surgery was super quick. We arrived at the hospital at 6am and I was home by 9a! Silas has had no affects from the surgery.

Hope this makes you think of things you are thankful for as well.


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