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Ah, the sweet sound of Silas June 22, 2007

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Lately Silas has been saying his first words. He started with Dada a while ago but had no clue what he was really saying. Let me tell you, all the boys said dada before mama – despite I carried them for 9 months and birthed them. Oh well! Silas is getting that Dada means something and shouts it out when Heath gets home. Then, just the other day as we were leaving Heath’s parents, he started waving and saying ba ba. Ok, I get he might say dada first but to wave for someone else before mommy? I am not kidding, they have all done things like that for other people way before me. And yes, I get that this sounds a little selfish. So I started to wonder why it might be like this. Then it occurred to me.

Would you be nice to the person who sucks out your nose?


2 Responses to “Ah, the sweet sound of Silas”

  1. Carmen Says:

    I’m with ya. Gracie’s still not saying mama and she’s been saying dada for months. Garrett said dada first too. I always attribute it to Ricky being more fun than me!

  2. Susan Says:

    Hey Jenn
    Hope your trip is going well, Hunter too, said dada first! We shall see about Taylor?!
    Love to ya 😉

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