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What you won’t do…do for? June 21, 2007

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Have you heard the song ‘What you won’t do, do for love’. Now, I love music – just about all kinds, too. Old Motown rocks and this song is no exception for me. However, this title took on new meaning for me this week.

The boys and I are leaving tomorrow (you read right, Heath is staying home). We are on our way to KY for a family reunion and then on Saturday we will travel to Morgantown, WV to visit with my sister for a few days. We are all excited! Let me just tell you, I love my sis. She is one of my best friends. She can make me laugh when I want to cry and let me vent when I need to get something out.

Her birthday is coming up next month and since we will be with her next week, we will celebrate it then (you know gift giving and such). I asked her if she wanted a cake for her birthday. She asked if I was making it. After I said sure, she said then of course I want the cake. A week ago it didn’t sound crazy. Today – not so sure. I will be making a cake after the boys are in bed (around 9p) for her. From an oursiders perspective, this is crazy. And yet, I don’t feel obligated, I want to do this. I mean she is the best Becca I have and I am glad she wants me to make her cake. So I thought about the old Motown song and decided the lyrics in my head tonight will be:

What you won’t do, do for Becca!

Can’t wait to see her and eat her cake, too!


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