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Finding Joy in Everything June 19, 2007

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Recently I felt challenged to find joy in every situation. It seemed like it was so much easier to be short with the kids rather than be patient, easier to judge than show grace, easier to be bitter than joyful. Believe it or not, I am not all sunshine and roses everyday – just ask Heath! I decided the only way to keep this challenge alive was to tell some people. I told my friend Christy. Would you know the next week was when we were back at the doctor with Silas! As I started to let out my frustrations that Silas was once again sick, she gently reminded me about finding joy. In that moment, I chose joy.

Today was no exception to this. Heath went in to the boy’s rooms at 545a this morning to tell them goodbye. Wouldn’t you know they weren’t interested in sleep anymore! All of the sudden my day seemed ruined…and poor Heath got some of the brunt of my frustration. As the morning went on I realized I was finding everything wrong with the morning and missing all the joy. Here is the joy I found today:

I have three wonderful boys who are full of energy and life in the morning time.

They have a daddy that cares enough to take time to tell them goodbye before he leaves for work

I have a hubby that will still want to come home even when I wasn’t very nice

My boys see a human mommy, who sometimes messes up huge, says things I need to say ‘sorry’ for and shows love to them. I pray that they will continue to see me strive to be full of joy – even at 545a in the morning!


4 Responses to “Finding Joy in Everything”

  1. Girl I’m amazed by how much joy and a positive attitude you have! Especially through all the stuff w/Silas! You’re doing a GREAT job! We’ll have all “those days,” but thank you for showing me how to find joy in EVERYTHING! I love you dear!

  2. Carmen Says:

    I needed to hear that today. Sounds like we had the same type of day – or beginnings of the day and I have to admit, I didn’t do a good job of choosing joy. Thanks for the reminder!

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