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Funny Fridays June 15, 2007

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I figure the best way to end a week is with laughter. I hope that each Friday you will find some reason to smile as you learn of some of the crazy and silly things that boys do and say.

We were in Alabama a couple months ago. Now in Alabama there is land – lots and lots of land. Even in White Bluff, it is rare to see that much land. Heath’s family has about 300 acres there. The boys loved having no limits and you could see them where ever they went. On the last day there, Heath and Isaiah were taking a short cut between two houses through a field of cows.

Let me stop here and tell you it is obvious I was not around. I mean a field of cows – don’t they charge at you? According to Heath, apparently they can stampede but it is not likely. A possible stampede is enough for me to go the long way but not Heath and Isaiah.

Isaiah started asking Heath is God made this path. Heath saw this as an opportunity to teach Isaiah about God’s provision. Heath explained how God created everything we see and how He provides for our every needs. Isaiah was intrigued and began asking if God made the cows, horses, grass, etc. Heath answered of course, God made everything you see. After a fre moments of silence, Isaiah turned and looked at Heath and said, “Do you know what else God made?” Expecting a deep type of answer he asked what. Isaiah proudly said: “Cow poop.”

I guess boys will always see the things in life I miss.


3 Responses to “Funny Fridays”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Welcome to the blog-world. Warning – it’s addictive! I look forward to readign your posts! I’ll put you on my google reader!

  2. Okay that is hilarious! So funny! Brian and I got a kick out of that one. I look forward to checking your site ALL THE TIME! 🙂 LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  3. Susan Says:

    Hey Jenn
    I can totally relate… Travis was raised on a farm. I too take the long way, while he and the boys (and mom) walk the path right beside the BIG BIG bull name Ozzy! LOL!
    Sounds like Isaiah is asking all the right questions! What a blessing it is to see “Christ” come out in our children!
    Makes me think of the old hymn “God give us christan homes”

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